TN hopeful that state follows KY's wine sales ruling

Aug 16, 2012

Some Tennesseans hope their state will change alcohol sales regulations at grocery stores after a federal court in Kentucky found beer only sales at grocery stores unconstitutional. Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association President Jarron Springer says the current law is outdated, and that Tennessee is missing out on 30 million dollars of annual revenue with the low alcohol content level.

“They’re old 75 year-old laws that are in the books that we’ve been discussing changing for a while. But we’re not addressing these issues. Kentucky’s addressing this in their own way, based on their own statutes. States do need to change. Our largest bordering state is making a change. We need to assess our situation, as well.”

Springer says the Association is working with the Red White and Food campaign to rally for the sale of wine in Tennessee groceries.