TFA: TN GOP ‘Will Pay’ for Passing Restricted Guns-in-Trunks Law

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The Tennessee Firearms Association is again looking for a fight. The organization is unhappy with Republicans who passed a more restrictive guns-in-trunks bill than the TFA would have liked.

The legislation doesn’t stop an employee from being fired for storing a gun in their car while at work. And the soon-to-be law is limited to carry permit holders and cars they own.

The TFA’s John Harris said someone “will pay” at the ballot box.

“As a matter of fact, we’re looking for strong primary candidates,” Harris said.

Last year, TFA tag-teamed with the National Rifle Association. They took down the third ranking Republican in the state House for her part in blocking a more expansive guns-in-trunks bill.

This year is different. The NRA gave a tepid endorsement of the legislation that passed. And before the vote, House Speaker Beth Harwell pointed out the NRA’s support and referred to other gun organizations as “fringe” groups.

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