Tentative Merger Vote Set May 1st

Mar 29, 2012

The Charter County Government Commission have changed a plan for the proposed merger of Paducah and McCracken governments. Vice Chairman Tom Garrett says the changes reflect concerns residents voiced during public forums held earlier in the year. The changes clarify the role of a transitional committee appointed to speed the merger if the plan passes and moves elections for new officials from 2013 to 2014 to avoid a special election. The changes also include an “out” clause allowing voters to revert to the current government. Tom Garrett…

“There would be at least a five year period to give an opportunity for the merged government to get up and running and at least to evaluate how it’s performing. If an attempt were made, if a petition were filed to undo the merger; it would go to a vote of the public and if it’s rejected then another petition cannot be filed for another five years.”

A revised plan will be published on the city and county’s websites for the public to view. The commission meets again May 1st to discuss the plan and possibly vote to place it on the ballot November 6th. 

If the commission votes "no" to place the plan on the ballot it will not move forward.