Ten Digit Dialing Begins Tomorrow for West KY

Jan 31, 2014

Credit Doug Wilson / wikimedia commons

Tomorrow is the first day callers in our listening area will be required to enter a three-digit area code before the seven-digit number on all calls. The change is part of the creation of area code 364 during which phone companies will superimpose a new area code over an existing area code. 

The addition is needed to account for the growing number of wireless customers. Kentucky Public Service Commission Communication Director Andrew Melnykovych says overlays are standard practice for phone companies, so if any problems emerge, they won’t be technical.

“As far as some people who are still unprepared for it, I’m sure there are people out there who will get up tomorrow, go to the phone, dial seven digits and get a recording, and say ‘what the heck is going on, nobody told us about this,” and we’ll probably hear from them on Monday," said Melnykovych.

The six-month transitional period began in August during which customers could begin 10-digit dialing. Melnykovych says nobody is required to change their phone numbers but the 10-digit dialing is required for local calls to distinguish between the 270 and 364 area codes.

To call long distance, you will need to dial a “one” before entering the 10-digit number.