Tea Party Activist Sues Kentucky Governor Over Medicaid Expansion

May 20, 2013

Credit Insider Louisville

  Tea party activist David Adams is once again suing Governor Steve Beshear over the Affordable Care Act. 

Adams first sued Beshear to block him from implementing a state-run health insurance exchange. That suit is pending. And now, Adams is suing to stop Beshear from expanding Medicaid.

Beshear announced expansion earlier this month, saying it would boost the state's health ratings and economy. The expansion will give 300,000 people a chance to join Medicaid beginning next year.

Adams' suit challenges decades-old state law that gives the governor the power to expand Medicaid. He said the law gives the governor too much unchecked power over federal money.

"And it's all a big game that the federal government can pay because they can print money," said Adams. "We can't play it because we can't print money, we just go deeper in the hole."

Adams said a few dozen people have given money to file this lawsuit and he's still searching for a few more donors.