Swine Flu Vaccine Recall

Frankfort, KY – The centers for disease control and prevention is recalling 800-
thousand doses of swine flu vaccine distributed nationwide that may be
ineffective. The doses passed potency tests when they were first
shipped, but afterward, tests indicate the potency waned. The doses are
pre-filled syringes intended for children six month to nearly three
years. Kentucky received 21-thousand-800 of the questionable doses,
according to Barbara Fox in the state department for public health.

"Currently all the local health departments are tracking down these vaccines in their local communities and with the private providers they distributed them to, in order to make sure they are properly recovered."

Fox adds it's hard to determine how many the doses have already been
administered. Still, health officials don't think children need to be
re-vaccinated. They do, however, still need to receive a follow-up
injection if a child is ten years old or younger.