Swine Flu Pandemic Going Steady

Louisville, KY – Kentucky has seen another four H1N1-related deaths in the last week. Two were in central Kentucky and two in the northern part of the state. State epidemiologist Dr. Kraig Humbaugh says the spread of H1N1 has so far been predictable, except in one aspect.

"We are expecting this type of a pandemic to come in waves, so I think maybe the surprising thing is that we've continued to have this large wave and we're not really sure how long this wave will continue to last."

Humbaugh says the CDC has so far allocated Kentucky enough vaccine to vaccinate about ten-percent of the population - about 442-thousand doses. Purchase and Pennyrile health officials continue to target high risk groups. Purchase District Health Director Charlie Ross says his district is also beginning to coordinate clinics in schools. Health officials say the number of H1N1 deaths is still relatively low when compared to the number of annual seasonal flu deaths.