Story for the Holidays: "The Christmas Circus"

Dec 8, 2009

Murray, KY – Dick Maddox wrote and voiced "The Christmas Circus." The storyteller lives in Murray and sometimes helps his spouse, an educator in Trigg Country, by impersonating the jolly old gentleman of the story for children in her classes. The Christmas Circus originally aired on WKMS in 2006 and is re-posted here for the holiday season.

Dick Maddox was born in Madisonville, KY - son of a coal miner. He's been married to Margaret Maddox for 31 years and has five children. He began writing in the late 70s and has rejection notices from some of the best publishing houses in the nation to prove his efforts. Maddox worked in the trucking business for over 30 years, he helped build the Western Kentucky Parkway, dug graves, worked for a newspaper that was still setting type and for a few years worked as an underground coal miner.