Station Manager Kate Lochte thanks you for supporting WKMS this fundraiser

Murray, KY – When the Public Broadcasting Act became law in 1967, the matter of funding sources for public television and public radio was not resolved, so both entities have forged a relationship with you over the last four decades.

The U.S. Congress continues to appropriate money for stations that meet the qualifications for grants through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Your continuing support is part of what qualifies WKMS to receive these grants.

Nationwide it is calculated that every Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant dollar nationwide leverages over 5 more dollars from community sources, like you, Murray State University, and underwriting businesses.

Each year we provide you two opportunities to support 91.3 FM by mail, online, by saying yes to callers, or by calling the station directly during the on-air campaign. You become eligible for several gift drawings whichever way you choose to make a donation.

But the real gift you get and give others in the community through your support is WKMS, now offering more news, more music, more interesting programming than ever before.

We are on the verge of providing a new signal at 90.9 WKMD FM for listeners in Hopkins County and parts of surrounding counties previously outside coverage circles of WKMS, WNIN and WKYU. The tower is up on campus at Madisonville Community College. The antenna is connected. Electric work is nearly complete. Testing is about to start. When WKMD is finished, work will begin for the installation of transmission equipment at an existing tower site in Water Valley to provide 89.5 FM WKMT for Fulton, Martin and Union City and it should be done pretty quickly.

We've just provided Paducah listeners an FM source for WKMS HD-2 our all classical stream. This involved getting approval to change the frequency of translator 92.1 Paducah to 92.5 Paducah, replacing the antenna there that sustained ice storm damage, and buying HD receiver equipment to pull in the HD signal and retransmit it as an FM signal.

We've repaired the HD antenna on the LBL tower, so the signal is strong for car reception through most of our FM coverage area. The HD signal does have issues with building penetration in some parts of our FM coverage area. The FCC has authorized stations to turn up the power on their HD signals, but the current WKMS transmitter is not power upgradable. We will pursue grant funding as it becomes available for an upgradable component.

The end result of these transmission projects and our programming changes is that WKMS will soon be providing more people with more news, more music, more interesting programs than ever before in our history and it's all thanks to your contributions.

WKMS News has opened new avenues of bringing more awareness about our region through the work of community correspondents, our dedicated reporters, and the weekly news magazine, The Front Page, along with its Front Page blog. Program Director Mark Welch initiated and produces Friday Night Live which is showcasing live performances of the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, concerts from the performing halls of Murray State University and other national venues like the Chicago Symphony. And of course Music From the Front Porch has generated a partnership with our colleagues at RSEC to bring you great live music in Lovett Auditorium including the likes of Bela Fleck.

Many of you appreciate listening to The Diane Rehm Show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and the noon programs like Radio Lab, another chance to hear The Splendid Table and Speaking of Faith and the new Studio 360. We ask you to step up your support to help pay for the new programs. And we salute our listeners still adjusting to our new programming array who are continuing longstanding and generous support. Thank you all.