State Health Department Warns of Rise in Salmonella Cases

Aug 6, 2012

State Health Department officials are looking for the cause of increased Salmonella cases in the region. Purchase District Health Department Epidemiologist Brandi Earp says they’re examining reported cases this summer to try to find any links between them. She says while the number of cases is high, they’re not considering it an outbreak. She says,

“Kentucky Department for Public Health would just like to share that they’re seeing a little bit more increase in Salmonella cases than usual, and they just want to heighten awareness for the public and for providers.”

Earp couldn't cite a specific number of cases but says the most common exposure sources for Salmonella are contaminated foods like poultry and raw vegetables. She says any with common Salmonella symptoms like diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps should contact their primary care provider immediately.