Southern Baptist Convention Undergoing Name Change

Feb 27, 2012

The Southern Baptist Convention is undergoing a name change. Congregations may soon have the option to call themselves either Southern Baptists or Great Commission Baptists. President of Louisville’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Albert Mohler was a member of the church review committee that voted for the new name. He says a major reason for the change is the history behind the name. He says in an interview with WFPL in Louisville,

“There’s a shameful part of that history, it’s shameful that the issue of slavery was so involved in the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention. That, however, was not unique to us. That was a national issue; it was part of our national shame And it’s a part of the story that we need to continue to tell.”

Mohler says the other reason for the name change was to rid itself of a geographic location so the denomination may be more viable in locations other than the southern U.S. Mohler thinks the name change will now allow more people to identify with the church’s message.