Something From Nothing: Leight July, The One Woman Band

Nov 15, 2017


"Leight July"

A young, talented, “one woman band” is the focus of this week’s edition of Something from Nothing.

Leight July is a student at Murray State University studying music business during the day and on the weekends she is honing her musicianship.

It is quite early in her career so she still has vivid memories of her beginnings. She, in the episode, tells the story of how she got got started performing and the night when she considered giving up.



If it was not for the family support, Leight July--a stage name that is explained in the show--would have probably given up performing. Her parents are strong supporters, her father built the instrument that provides a unique sound to her music. She describes why she uses the kick drum and how she got the idea to play it and the guitar at the same time.