Something From Nothing Episode 4: Stacey Reason

May 10, 2017

Stacey Reason

This week’s show was recorded inside the Yeiser Art Center, located in downtown Paducah. The YAC is currently under Stacey’s care as she is the curator and director. In this episode Stacey is gives insight on how the collection and arranging of pieces in a museum is a form of art.

Stacey’s ability to realize her strengths and pursue them is evident as she explains the moment early in life she knew art was a talent of hers. She also describes her experience at Murray State that led her to have an interest in curation and why collaboration is so important to her. The guest talks about her personal works of visual art and describes the inspiration for a piece she keeps in her office at YAC.

She covers some aspects of the YAC that people may be surprised to learn with exuberance that displays a desire to see even more growth for the first class art museum. Her thoughtful response to the closing question is a perfect microcosm of how her intelligence, passion for art, and proclivity for collaboration merge together.

More can be found about the Yeiser Art Center on facebook, Instagram, or