Something From Nothing: Episode 1 Daniel Neihoff

Apr 19, 2017

Credit Facebook-Daniel Nehoff

  In this premier episode, recorded in host Justin Lewis’ historic dining room, “Something From Nothing” features guest Daniel Neihoff. Primarily, Daniel is a web designer for Socially Present but the show focused on his music. The “up and comer” covered topics that place him in the unique position of having impressive feats accomplished, yet still with much more to experience.

Daniel explains in the episode how family influences and natural talent inspired him to pursue music. Family plays a big role in his life as the intersection of faith and musical skill gave him the calling for the subject material used while writing some of his first songs.

Although the guest is only 24 years old he has already had the opportunity to play a famous venue which he described in detail; including what the experience was like and how he was able to find himself on such a big stage. He featured one of the songs he is most proud of to end the show.




"Something From Nothing is the first Podcast to be published with the help of the WKMS Podcast Project"

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