Significant Inactive Facility at PGDP Site Demolished

Jun 27, 2014

A panoramic view of the east end of the C-410 complex shows a rainbow forming as sunlight passes through vapor from misting machines used to suppress dust.

Workers at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant are demolishing the last of 32 inactive facilities scheduled for removal as part of cleanup at the PGDP site.  The U.S. Department of Energy reports the C-410 Feed Plant will be razed to a slab by this fall, ridding the site of a structure contaminated with asbestos and the low-level radioactive compound uranium hexafluoride, or UF-6.

The almost five acre building produced UF-6 and fluorine from 1957 to 1977.  DOE Project Manager Rob Seifert calls the demolition significant and says it reduces risks to the environment and the public.  The work began in mid-May and is about one-third completed.  The Energy Department says the debris is being shipped via railcar to a commercial disposal site.