Shop til' you drop? Not in 1850: LBL's Homeplace for the holidays

Nov 23, 2012

Credit Landbetweenthelakes.blogspot

Shoppers have been sifting through sales for hours now at area retailers, but shopping for Christmas gifts used to be much simpler 160 years ago. So, says Land Between the Lakes Special Events Coordinator Cindy Earls.  

“Children would expect Christmas morning in their stocking an orange which was a rare treat also some candy which was also a rare treat and then maybe a doll or a pocket knife or a brand new pair of socks or something very simple," said Earls

After opening their gifts, Earls says families would make trips to other farms during the day to celebrate the holiday. LBL’s Homeplace celebration of Christmas in 1850 takes place Saturday from 1 to 4. The event provides historical context for some of the traditions we include today, live music and a visit from Santa.

LBL's holiday weekend events also includes a birdhouse making workshop and a holiday trinket making workshop, both are at the Nature Station.