Senate Looking to Change Special Districts Reform Bill

Feb 18, 2013

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The Kentucky Senate is preparing to act on a bill reforming the hundreds of special taxing districts in the state.

Many local library boards, sewer districts and fire districts are considered special taxing districts, with the power to levy taxes, but without direct oversight from local government. A recent investigation from the state auditor's office found many of the districts lacked proper oversight and documentation.

The House has passed a measure to create a central registry of the districts and to overhaul current laws dealing with them. But Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer says he's tweaking the bill to include local oversight of the districts. And that's not his only change.

"There have been some concerns raised, that potentially the bill centralizes too much power with the Department of Local Government here in Frankfort," he said.

Senate leaders say discussions on the bill are on-going, and House members are part of those talks.