Senate Gives the Go Ahead for Lottery Game with Horse Racing Connections

Feb 13, 2015

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Kentucky Senate has approved legislation paving the way for development of a new state lottery game that has an equine connection.  Proponents say the game would benefit the horse industry and school children.

Tickets would be purchased at retailers as a part of the state lottery offerings.  

Louisville Senator Julie Racque Adams says the game could bolster the horse racing industry and educational scholarships. 

"This concept shows much promise to bringing the sport back to cultural relevance," said Adams." Even more importantly, Equi-lottery also goes a long way toward accomplishing the goals of the lottery to invest in the educational futures of Kentucky's students." 

Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer says the lottery game would be based on day-of or next day horse races.

"Senate bill 74 is permissive language that allows the development of the game," said Thayer. "Doesn't guarantee that it's going to be successful.  But, it gives it an opportunity to see if the market place would respond to it." 

Although supportive of the lottery and the horse business, McCracken County Senator Danny Carrol cast one of the no votes. 

"I think if we start taking those funds and sending them in other directions, in this particular case, the horse racing industry, that's not what the people voted for," explained Carrol.

Carrol is referring to the vote in the mid-80's that established the Kentucky Lottery. Proceeds from the Equi-Lottery would go to the lottery and the racing industry. Carrol would like to see all of the money go to education.