Second Successful VP Debate Has State Officials Hoping for Presidential Debate Next Time

Oct 12, 2012

With the dust settled on this year’s vice presidential debate at Centre College, state officials are praising the work of the school and its surrounding community.

Last night was the second time Centre hosted a vice presidential debate. And while on stage the 2000 and 2012 debates will be seen as polar opposites, praise for Centre has been consistent.

Many are now hoping the school can land a presidential debate in the future. But others, like state Senate President David Williams, say they would be happy with more VP matchups. He says.

“I would settle if they would promise another vice presidential debate, you know I think it’s good. And I think the connection with two vice presidents of the United States having gone to school here is a good connection and I think this is about the right size.”

Centre has applied to host presidential debates in the past, but was not chosen.