Schools Join Advance Kentucky, But Program Funding to End

Apr 11, 2013


Ten high schools across the state are joining Advance Kentucky, a program to train teachers and get more students taking Advanced Placement exams.

In 2007 Kentucky received $13 million from the National Math and Science Initiative to start the program. Gregg Fleisher is the Chief Program Officer for that organization.

“Since Advance Kentucky has been in the program, Kentucky ranks first in the country for the percentage increase in the number of students passing Advanced Placement exams. First in the country,” he said.

Funding from the National Math and Science Initiative is coming to an end this fall, and Fleisher encouraged members of the state Board of Education to keep supporting the Advance Kentucky program. Students who earn a qualifying score on AP subject tests can also earn college credit.

McCracken County High School is one of the ten joining the latest cohort of Advance Kentucky.