Road Conditions in Western KY

Murray, KY – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews worked through the night to plow away drifting and blowing snow that hampered road clearing efforts. A line of high wind and heavey snow that swept across the region creating near-blizzard conditions in some counties just after dark left many highways that had been cleared of snow and ice with a new coat of about an inch of snow in less than an hour. Blowing snow that drifted across roadways in numerous places created additional driving hazards.

Highways crews got a break early this morning with temperatures that warmed up more than expected by the early morning hours, allowing salt and other ice-fighting chemicals to become more effective. However, while crews have been battling to try to improve driving conditions overnight, wind has continues to blow snow back onto road surfaces creating ample hazards for the morning commute. Motorists are advised to allow extra travel time and be alert for blowing and drifting snow as they head to their destination.