Road to 2012 Olympics Includes Stop at Lexington for Equestrians

Apr 27, 2012

For some of the world’s top equestrians, the road to the 2012 Olympics includes a stop in Lexington this weekend for the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Fitness, international experience, rideability, and speed are the qualities team selectors are looking for as they pick the horses and riders who will compete in this year’s Games. 2004 Olympic gold medalist Leslie Law says it takes strong nerves to consistently do well in dressage, cross-country, and show jumping.

“When you look at all the sports in the Olympic Games and you look at equestrian, equestrian probably has the oldest athletes competing quite honestly in the sport, and that’s because it is a sport where experience plays a big part.”

Law is now coaching three riders at Rolex Kentucky, which is among several Olympic selection trials. Five horse and rider combinations will be picked to represent the United States. The team will be announced in July.