Retired General on Middle East, Central Asia, more

Murray, KY – This past week, Murray State University held International Education Week, sponsored by the U-S Education and State Departments. The series of presentations and lectures is designed to educate participants in a global perspective.

One of this week's speakers was retired U-S Major General David Kratzer, a Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Florida. From 2001 to 2002 he commanded the Joint Civil Military Operation Task Force at the U-S Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan and played a key role in the 2003 run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Krazter also was instrumental in building Murray State's Curris Center.

General Krazter spoke Tuesday to a packed house about the Middle East along with MSU professors Dr. Farouk Umar and Dr. Chris Bierwirth. The general took a few moments out of his busy schedule that day to come by our studios and he talked about the long view in the Middle East and Central Asia as well as concerns closer to campus.