Results Unchanged in 3rd and 7th District Recanvasses

Nov 15, 2012


The results of recanvasses Thursday of Kentucky’s 7th District state house and 3rd District state senate races were identical to those on election night. In the 7th District, Democratic Representative John Arnold is still ahead by a mere five votes over Republican Tim Kline. Kline says he’ll decide what actions to take in the coming week.

He adds that if he decides to contest the race in the General Assembly, the state Republican Party will back him. In the 3rd District, Republican Whitney Westerfield beat incumbent Democratic Senator Joey Pendleton by just under 300 votes. Pendleton says he’s unlikely to continue to contest the election, but will consult with supporters before making a decision. Kline and Pendleton have 15 days to decide whether they’ll contest the race.