Republican Candidates for Statewide Offices to Make Their Case in Murray Next Weekend

Mar 4, 2015


Western Kentucky Republicans will get their first taste of the 2015 campaign season next weekend at the Calloway County Republican Party's annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

The dinner will be held Saturday, March 14th at Murray State University's Curris Center. Calloway GOP chair Greg Delancey says this year’s event is themed around Kentucky’s gubernatorial race and winning control of Kentucky’s statewide constitutional offices.

Agriculture commissioner James Comer - now a candidate for governor - is currently the lone Republican to hold one of Kentucky's constitutional offices. Delancey said there’s a lot of energy and optimism that Republicans will fare better in the statewide races this year.

“Candidates are spending money and developing their campaigns," Delancey said. "I don’t think the Democratic offices have much competition. I think the reality is that people are hearing about Republicans and that makes a big difference in getting the message out that Republicans are ready to lead.”

Local candidates for attorney general, treasurer and agriculture commissioner - respectively, Whitney Westerfield, Kenny Imes and Richard Heath - will stump at the dinner. Delancey said GOP lieutenant governor candidates will attend. Their running mates will attend a competing event in Shelby County.

The dinner’s keynote address will be delivered by 1st District U.S Rep. Ed Whitfield.