Rep. Watkins urges McCracken County to support a la carte bill

Nov 12, 2013

TV is on the mind in McCracken County as the Fiscal Court is scheduling a public hearing about Comcast's services, while Representative Gerald Watkins urges the court to support his proposed "a la carte" bill. 

McCracken County Fiscal Court on Tuesday.
Credit John Paul Henry

  Watkins, who spoke at the fiscal court meeting Tuesday, says his bill would require cable companies to offer an a la carte channel purchasing system because annual rates are too high for low income families. 

"Apparently that's a hot subject, but Representative Watkins brought up that even Senator McCain is looking at a federal, or a bill through congress, that would address some of that same thing," Judge Executive Van Newberry said. "Obviously people are looking at that."

Citizens are invited to the Comcast public hearing from six to eight PM on December 3 at City Hall. The court has not yet made a resolution to discuss Watkins' bill.