Rep. Imes Files Bill Requiring State Policy-Makers to Visit Both Ends of Kentucky

Dec 18, 2013


5th District Representative Kenny Imes (R-Murray) has pe-filed a bill to require certain state employees, including the governor, to visit the state’s most eastern and western counties before taking office.

Imes’ bill requires policy makers in the executive cabinet and their deputies to drive, not fly, to Fulton and Pike Counties at least six months before they take office. It does not reimburse their travel costs.

Imes says high-ranking officials need to get out of the bubble of Frankfort and the so-called “Golden Triangle” of Louisville, Lexington and Covington.

“This is just to try to get them out seeing the geography of it and understanding the problems we face, transportation or otherwise,"said Imes. "Just the sheer distance, and also how different policies, these are all policy-making people, you know, how those might affect the people out in the east and the west.”

Imes says his bill takes inspiration from the example set by State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer. Comer has visited all 120 counties since being elected to office.

Calls from WKMS for comment from executive cabinet members have not been returned at this time.