Remains Found at Marshall County Construction Site

Sep 5, 2013


Construction of the Marshall County Children’s Art Center in Benton has been halted after an infant's remains were unearthed at the site.

Marshall County Coroner Mitchell Lee said the remains date back to between 1850 and 1900, when it’s believed the area was used as a cemetery. Construction won't resume until it can be legally determined what to do with the remains, which were found on a portion designated as a green part of the property, or parking lot.

The Marshall County Arts Commission leases the property from the city of Benton. Work began last year on the project, with $500,000 coming from a state grant. The total cost is more than $1 million.

Marshall County Arts Commission President Patty Coakley hopes to open the building by the end of 2013, even with the setback.