Registration deadline today for Trigg alcohol vote

Trigg County, Ky. – Trigg County residents have until 4 PM today to register to vote if they want to participate in the September election that will determine whether the county will lift prohibition on alcohol sales. Jacque Day has this report.

This deadline comes amid reports of local church leaders leaning on Trigg residents to vote "no." Jan Culwell of Grow Trigg, an organization at the head of the initiative to repeal prohibition in the county, says their office has received nearly 20 such reports. She cites the covenant for one local church reportedly pressuring members who signed a petition in support of the measure. Some have come forward saying, if they vote "yes," they could be purged from church rosters.

"In the church covenant, it says that members should abstain from the sale of and use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage. It says nothing about allowing others. It says nothing about developing a community, and it says absolutely nothing about politics and petitions."

The election takes place September 29. The Trigg County Clerk will accept voter registration applications until 4 PM today.