Region's Health Departments Offer Flu Vaccinations

Murray, KY – Flu season is fast approaching, and the region's health departments have already begun offering vaccinations. Nursing Supervisor at the Henry County, TN Health department Lori Taylor says they are currently taking appointments for those who wish to become vaccinated, and the department is offering three flu clinics- today and October 17th and 20th. Though children, senior citizens, and people with suppressed immune systems are most strongly encouraged to get vaccinated, Taylor says supplies are plentiful this year and everyone should make an appointment.

"I know in the past it has been a very big worry and we had to limit to the very young and the elderly. This year they're letting us give them to everybody, so there is no shortage this year."

The Purchase District Health Department is also offering flu clinics throughout western Kentucky.
Flu Clinic Offerings by County:
Ballard: Oct. 15 @ LaCenter Baptist Church (by appt.)
Oct. 21 @ health center (by appt.)
Carlisle: Oct. 22 & Nov. 5 @ health center (by appt.)
Calloway: Oct. 14 @ University Church of Christ
Oct. 23 @ Weaks Community Center
Oct. 28 @ Glendale Church of Christ
Fulton @ Fulton: Oct. 14 @ health center (by appt.)
Graves: Oct. 21 & 29 @ health center (by appt.)
Hickman: Oct. 13 & 22 @ health center (by appt.)
McCracken: Oct. 13 @ Lone Oak Church of Christ
Oct. 28 @ Reidland Methodist Church
Nov. 10 @ Broadway United Methodist Church