Rand Paul Writes Second Book

May 21, 2012

Kentucky’s junior senator is working on his second book. Rand Paul has already penned one book while in office, called “The Tea Party Goes to Washington.” 

It was mainly about his 2010 campaign victory. Now, BuzzFeed reports that Paul is working on a book that outlines his opposition to the Transportation Security Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. University of Louisville political scientist Dewey Clayton says this could be a strategic move on Paul's part.

"“It'’s sort of beginning to be a trend here if you start look back at President Obama, when he was Senator Obama and even before he began writing books. It gets your name out here, people start reading and seeing what your particular philosophy is.”"

The book is scheduled to be released in September. Its tentative title is "Government Bullies: Americans Arrested, Abused, and Terrorized."