Rand Paul Says the Country Needs Healthcare Reform

Mar 26, 2012

It’s not the kind of reform favored by the Obama Administration, but, Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul says health care reform should continue. If the US Supreme Court overturns health care laws enacted a few years ago, Paul says Congress gets a re-do. And he says with Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, the country would get a better set of reforms. 

“Sixty Democrats passed it in the Senate and two hundred twenty some odd Democrats passed it in the House.  There were no Republican votes for it.  So, as a consequence, we got one side of the equation and we went way too far. So, to have a balanced equation and a balanced solution, we need Republican input.”

Paul says it’s time for the GOP to outline a reform package.  For example, the Republican wants more competition in the health care industry.  He says by allowing for a free market, Americans will pay less for medical care and health insurance. 

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