Rand Paul Money Bomb

Frankfort, KY – Christmas has come early for U-S Senate candidate Rand Paul. The Bowling Green Republican launched another money bomb
over the internet on Wednesday. Lisa Autry has the results.

"Mostly small-dollar donors gave 236-thousand dollars, bringing Paul's 4th quarter fundraising total to more than a half-million
dollars. Campaign manager David Adams says Paul's opponents have to be worried at this point.

Although Paul fell far short of his goal of raising 700-thousand dollars, he considers Wednesday's money bomb a success.
Paul's greatest
opponent in the G-O-P primary for u-s senate is Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who has yet to release 4th quarter
results. A Grayson fundraiser hosted by Senator Mitch McConnell originally scheduled for this month in New York was postponed
until the first quarter of next year."