Public Safety Summit

Hopkinsville, KY – Christian County and city of Hopkinsville officials were on hand for a Public Safety Summit over the weekend in Hopkinsville. The event gave officials a chance to talk about crime in the county. 3rd Judicial District Commonwealth's Attorney Lynn Pryor participated in a panel that took questions from attendees. She says the main goal of the summit was getting residents more active in their communities.

We wanted the community to know that we depend on them. We have to have the people who see the crimes, have to report them, have to follow through when the police come and interview them. And then, even if it goes to the point of having a jury trial, it's very important to have them follow through at that point and testify as to what they've seen or what they know.

Pryor says residents were encouraged to participate in volunteer organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Community League, and Crimestoppers. Officials organized the summit in response to a survey that said about thirty percent of residents believe they live in an unsafe community.