PSO Concert Includes Composition by Violist Jacob Tews

Oct 4, 2013

Jacob Tews is Lecturer in Viola and Music Theory at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and performs with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra. The October 5th Concert program of the Symphony includes his Chamber Symphony "Three Reflections." We hear the Prologue Hymn and meet the composer to learn more about this composition...

That's the Prologue Hymn of Jacob Tews' Chamber Symphony "Three Reflections," which the Paducah Symphony Orchestra performs during its concert tomorrow night at 7:30 pm at the Carson Center. Tews is violist with the symphony and has several compositions to his name. But at the outset of her interview with Tews, Kate Lochte learns that he's hesitant to wear the title "Composer." 

In addition to Tews' work, the program includes Dvorak's New World Symphony and Verdi's La forza del destino. Tickets are available online at