Prosecutors Warn Bevin's Cuts Would Halt State Criminal Justice System

Sep 15, 2017

Credit niroworld, 123rf Stock Photo

Kentucky prosecutors say the state's criminal justice system will effectively shut down if they are not exempted from Gov. Matt Bevin's proposed budget cuts. 

Bevin has proposed budget cuts of 17.4% across most of state government. He said the cuts would save the state $350 million, enough money to avoid a projected $200 million shortfall and put $150 million into the state's reserves.

The plan would cut nearly $16 million from state prosecutors.

Commonwealth's attorneys and county attorneys' representatives told state lawmakers Friday the cuts would force them to lay off one out of every three employees across the state.

Warren County Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron said most offices could not handle this and it would bring the criminal justice system to a halt.