Princeton Tourist Welcome Center Repairs On Hold

Jun 4, 2014

Repairs for the Princeton Tourist Welcome Center are on hold after the city council moved to reject bids from two contractors.

Eddyville company Lipscomb Enterprises bid about $42,000 while local Adams Contracting and Handyman Service proposed $22,000.

City Clerk Julie Key says the offers did not meet with what the council was looking for.

Credit City of Princeton

“Our project manager Brent Francis conferred with our city attorney Todd Wetzel, and since there was such a large discrepancy amongst the bids, we really felt that possibly both bids were unresponsive as to the scope of the project,” Key said.

Key says the city is reworking plans and should let the project for bids again in the next few weeks.

Repairs for the Welcome Center include a fresh coat of paint and the replacing of deteriorated wood and molding.