P'Pool Bashes Conway on Coal

Aug 8, 2011

Fancy Farm, KY – At the Fancy Farm picnic this weekend, candidates jostled to publicly opposed President Barack Obama and several of his administration's unpopular environmental regulations. In the race for Attorney General, Democratic incumbent Jack Conway pointed to his involvement in the state's lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency over mine permitting. His Republican opponent Todd P'Pool dismissed Conway's involvement.

"I have filed a lawsuit, governor, against the EPA and I will continue to stand up to them when they continue to hurt Kentucky's coal economy."

"Well my dad was a coal miner, my granddad, my uncles and cousins are coal miners. "And where is Jack Conway when it comes to fighting the EPA? He's on the sidelines."

Coal popped up in several other speeches, including those of Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams and Independent Gatewood Galbraith. Galbraith is the only candidate whose platform includes a stance against the controversial practice of mountaintop removal.