Power still scarce in Crittenden County

Marion, KY – While many areas around the region slowly regain power, the majority of Crittenden County has yet to receive electricity. Marion City Administrator Mark Bryant says power has returned to spots of the county's outskirts, but the Kentucky Utilities Company has only given city officials a vague idea of when the rest of Crittenden will return to normal.

"According to the latest information they provided us, there is at least some hope that a couple of the critical needs facilities such as the hospital and nursing home could be back on as early as this evening, but that's, you know, a very big could'. As far as the remainder of the city, they've indicated that we could still be looking at some days ahead."

For the moment, residents can find heat, food and water at the Crittenden County Elementary School. He also says FEMA has provided generators to several public facilities, but he cautions individuals not to expect individual reimbursement from FEMA.