Possible Severe Storm Heading Toward Region

Dec 19, 2012

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A storm heading into the region from the west is bringing with it a chance for damaging winds and winter weather tomorrow.

National Weather Service Paducah Meteorologist Robin Smith says winds will pick up late tomorrow morning and continue throughout the day. He says,

“Not only are we expecting thunderstorms with high winds, but the winds outside the thunderstorms are going to be very strong. We’re looking for winds 35-40 miles per hour, possibly gusting up to as high as 50 during the day.”

Smith says the storm could arrive late tonight or early tomorrow morning. He says temperatures will drop steadily from low 50s in the morning to the low 30s by the evening. Smith says the temperature drop could lead to some snow flurries, but says the greatest danger is the high winds.