Petition Against Tent City Brought to Paducah Commissioners

Oct 24, 2012

A group of Paducah citizens are telling city officials they don’t want a homeless resource center in their neighborhood. Resident Bob Kelley presented Mayor Bill Paxton and City Commissioners yesterday with more than 250 signatures on a petition asking for an ordinance banning homeless shelters in residential neighborhoods. Tent City Resource Center will open soon on Bridge Street near Kelley’s home.

Kelley voiced several concerns, saying many of Tent City’s clients have not passed drug tests and that causes him to worry—especially for nearby children.

Mayor Bill Paxton replied that Tent City Resource Center is not a homeless shelter and that the building it plans to use is located in a B-1 zone designated for convenience and service operations. He also said Tent City will be holding Sunday services in the building.  The city permits churches to use B-1 land. The Mayor and
Commissioners did not introduce the ordinance.