People Around the Region "Shakeout" in Earthquake Drill

Feb 6, 2012

Tomorrow is the 200th anniversary of the last of the big New Madrid earthquakes that occurred from 1811 through 1812.  To mark the date, emergency management officials are holding their second annual large-scale earthquake drill.  Kentucky and Indiana are among 9 states that are directly taking part in the Great Central U.S. Shakeout.   Kentucky's Earthquake Program Manager, David Davis, says there are two reasons for the exercise. He says,

“Raise the awareness that we have a risk of earthquakes in this area and then second as kind of starting motivation to get people to start to prepare for an earthquake."

Davis says it's a simple drop, cover and hold-on exercise that starts at 10:15 tomorrow morning and lasts for 60 seconds.  He says 357-thousand Kentuckians and more than 3-million people in the 9-state region participated last year. 

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