Pennyroyal Arts Council Receives Grant for Literature-Based Events

May 13, 2014

The Pennyroyal Arts Council in Hopkinsville has received a $12,000 grant to produce an array of literature-based community events.

The council will run a six-week stretch of activities centered around 1920s crime/mystery novel “The Maltese Falcon.”

Executive Director Margaret Prim says the piece was chosen because of its appeal to both teens and adults. The council also noted that books of the crime genre are popular at the local library.

The grant comes from the National Endowment for the Arts' Big Read Program. 76 other organizations received funds.

Prim says engaging the community is the goal.

“Less than one half of the adult population reads literature now, so we're really trying to focus on doing some fun events and getting people excited about reading,” Prim said.

The council has partnered with several area organizations including libraries and schools.

The full list of planned activities will release in a few weeks, but Prim says some events planned are:

  • Book giveaways
  • A screening of the film adaptation of “The Maltese Falcon”
  • A keynote speaker event
  • Painting parties
  • A “Clue” board game tournament
  • A “Day in the Life of a Private Investigator” event
  • Other lectures and exhibits on the 1920s

You can find the other 76 organizations involved with the Big Read Program here, including many from our listening area. Prim says this is the first time the council has participated in the program.