Pennyroyal Area Museum Faces Tough Financial Year

May 30, 2013

Pennyroyal Area Museum employees are bracing for another difficult financial year, after the Hopkinsville City Council decided to provide 70 percent of the museum’s funding request.

Museum Director Alissa Keller says she’s thankful for the $35,000 the city did approve at its latest budget meeting, but the museum needs additional funding for building maintenance. Keller says the museum’s 100-year-old building, is in desperate need of repairs. Keller says her current budget won’t be enough to fund the work.

“What we have right now get us through our daily operations,” she says. “If we’re going to make any improvements, any kind of required maintenance even on the building that we’re in, yeah, we’re going to need additional funding.”

Keller says she plans to begin fundraising efforts this year, and the museum board may have to dig into an emergency fund.