Pendleton Plans to Request Vote Recanvass

Nov 8, 2012

Joey Pendleton

Kentucky Third District State Senator Joey Pendleton plans to request a recanvass after he narrowly lost in Tuesday’s election. Pendleton, a five-term Democratic incumbent, lost by around 300 votes to Republican newcomer Whitney Westerfield. Pendleton tells the Kentucky New Era he owes it to his voters to ask for the recanvass, a process that checks for accuracy. Pendleton adds that if it shows a 150-vote gap or less, he’ll ask for an official recount.

Westerfield says he understands Pendleton’s desire for a recanvass, but he’s ready to represent the third district.

“But they know I’m ready to get up there and work. And I think it’s also important, something I’ve repeatedly said on the campaign trail, I don’t have any intention to go up there and satisfy any politicians," said Westerfield.

Pendleton has until Nov. 13 to ask the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office to do the recanvass.