Paul/Conway Debate @ University of Louisville

Oct 18, 2010

Louisville, KY – The two major-party candidates for U.S. Senate debated at the University of Louisville last night. It was one of the most contentious meetings yet between Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul.

The debate began with the candidates trading jabs over a recent ad from Conway that brought up pranks Paul was allegedly involved in as a college student. The candidates continued to criticize each other throughout the rest of the hour-long event. On the subject of the health care overhaul law, Paul said Conway should join other Attorneys General in a lawsuit that claims the law is unconstitutional.

"Jack misunderstands the Constitution. He thinks it has to list a right that you not have insurance. He doesn't understand that the Constitution gives certain powers to the government, but it says those rights not listed are not to be disparaged."

Conway said the law is constitutional, since courts have upheld Social Security and Medicare.