Paul Stops in Paducah and Lexington

Nov 1, 2010

Lexington, KY – It was at a Tea Party event, that Republican Rand Paul first knew he want to run for U-S Senate. While on a statewide tour today, Paul had stops in Paducah and Lexington. The Bowling Green eye doctor says polls show him six to seven points ahead of Democrat Jack Conway. Paul says a big win Tuesday would make a loud political statement.

"Absolutely the bigger the win the bigger the mandate any victory is good in politics if you have a big victory I think it says more for your message so we hope it will be a victory and we hope it will be big," said Paul.

If successful in Tuesday's election, U-S Senate candidate Rand Paul says special interests will know where he stands. Paul made a stop Monday afternoon at Lexington's Bluegrass Airport. He says lobbyists will know where he stands before they visit him in Washington DC.

"I won't entertain any lobbying from any group that isn't consistent with my core beliefs. Basically you know I think they will know better than to come to me I believe in a balanced budget I believe in limited constitutional government," said Paul

Paul predicts Republican leadership will also adopt some of the reforms backed by the Tea Party. He believes polls may influence voting. He says they can become a self fulfilling prophecy. He says, though, polls have him a solid five-to-six points in front of opponent Jack Conway. Conway also stopped in Lexington on the day before the mid-term elections.