Paul and Conway face off in Northern Kentucky

Oct 12, 2010

Highland Heights, KY – The candidates for Kentucky's open U.S. Senate seat met in their second debate of five last night. Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway faced off in Northern Kentucky.

Jack Conway and Rand Paul debated before an audience on the campus of Northern Kentucky University and TV viewers in the Northern Kentucky area and Louisville.

The candidates responded to questions from reporters and viewers, including one about the importance of either retiring the federal debt or keeping taxes low. Paul said he'd like to do both.

Paul - "We as Republicans didn't do a good enough job. The Democrats are doing worse but we as Republicans didn't do a good enough job to cut spending."

Conway would like to see a return to the policies of the Clinton Administration that created jobs and left the federal budget with a surplus.

Topics during the hour-long debate included crime and drugs in Kentucky, funding for education, national health care policy and the war in Afghanistan.