Parties Argue over Ethan Allen Carriage House Fate

Jul 11, 2012

Two parties argued over the fate of the Ethan Allen Carriage House building during the Paducah City Commissioner’s meeting yesterday. 

The property owner, R&B Realvest, LLC, wants to demolish the building and put in a paid parking lot, but the Paducah Renaissance Alliance wants to save the building. An attorney for Realvest says it’s too late for the alliance to file an appeal since they received a permit to demolish the building nearly two months ago. Commissioner Gerald Watkins says he and the other commissioners needed to examine the issue more closely.

“Everything that was brought up by their attorney was a surprise for us, and so we need some time to review and listen to our city legal council before we make a final decision,” says Watkins. 

Watkins says the mayor and commissioners will vote on the demolition next Tuesday.