Paris at Maiden Alley Cinema

Paducah, KY – Paris is the story of Pierre, a professional dancer suffering from a serious heart disease. While he's waiting for a transplant that may or may not save his life, he studies the people who walk past the balcony of his Paris apartment. Even with the arrival of his sister and her three kids to help care for him, Pierre keeps on observing, and finds that instead of dancing himself, it is Paris and Parisians who dance before his eyes. Todd Hatton speaks with Larry Thomas about Paris, playing this week at Paducah's Maiden Alley Cinema.

Nominated for 3 Awards

Cedric Klapish, the beloved director of L'AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE, gathers together some of the biggest actors in French cinema for a valentine to the city of lights. The all-star cast includes Oscar-winner Juliette Binoche, Romain Duris (THE BEAT THAT MY HEART SKIPPED), Melanie Laurent (INGLORIOUS BASTERDS), Fabrice Luchini (INTIMATE STRANGERS), Francois Cluzet (TELL NO ONE) and Karin Viard (TIME OUT). While waiting for a heart transplant that could save his life, Pierre (Duris) grows close again with his sister (Binoche) and her lively children. This rediscovery of his family and observation of the teeming streets outside his window give Pierre a new, hopeful sense of how he might spend the time still left to him. A cinematic love letter to the city that seems to hide a story behind every shop window, small alley, street market or grand apartment building, the film explores the life and love possible only in PARIS.

French with English subtitles